Connect Android Device to PC with USB Cable

Before connecting your Android device to PC please make sure you have enabled “USB debugging”.

1) connect your Android device to the PC with a USB cable. A USB icon will appear in the status bar when the device has been recognized. If you are using this first time then please wait for a moment, Windows will automatically install the required drivers.

2) Once your Android device is connected, pull down your notification bar and tap on “USB connected”. Your Android device will then ask if you want to “Connet USB Storage” or “Mount” your SD card and copy files between your phone and computer. Tap over “Connect USB Storage” or “Mount” to connect your memories and SD card to the PC.

No USB Mass Storage option?

For some Android phones, “USB mass storage” is not enabled and only “MTP Storage” or “USB Media Device” is provided instead. In this case please try to find the settings to enable “USB mass storage”. Options possibly in:

Applications > Settings > Applications > USB Settings > Mass storage.
Settings -> Storage -> Menu Button -> USB Settings.
Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> USB Utilities -> “Connect Storage to PC”


3) Now you’ve successfully connected your Android device to the PC. You are ready to start the data recovery process.



  1. Doesn’t work with Android 4.0+. I only tested it with a Nexus 4 with Android 4.3, but I think it can’t work because Android uses the Media Transfer Protocoll instead of the USB Mass Storage Mode since 4.0.
    But accept this, it’s a very great idea.

    • I have agalaxy grand duos…..

      When i connect my phone to my pc, i don’t get any usb sign in notifications bar.
      Earlier it used to appear everytime i connected,
      But now it never aapears.
      Can u tell me how to enable mtp! On my grand (android 4.2.2 JB)
      Pls help me!!!!

  2. I have a samsung tablet SM-T210. However, none of yr 3 recommended steps work for me

    Applications > Settings > Applications > USB Settings > Mass storage.
    Settings -> Storage -> Menu Button -> USB Settings.
    Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> USB Utilities -> “Connect Storage to PC”

    The USB debugging activation did work ok.

    Hope someone can advice me on the change to USB mass storage/


  3. Любаша

    у меня lg l5 e615, и я не могу сделать

    2) Как только ваш Android-устройство подключено, тянуть вниз ваши панель уведомлений и нажмите на “USB подключен” . Ваш Android устройство будет спросить, если вы хотите “Connet USB Storage” или “Гора” ваша карта SD и копировать файлы между телефоном и компьютером. Нажмите над “Подключите USB Storage” или “Гора” для подключения воспоминания и SD карту ПК.

    Нет USB вариант Mass Storage?

    Для некоторых Android телефонов, “запоминающее USB” не включен, и только “MTP хранения» или «USB Медиа устройства» предоставляется вместо этого. В этом случае попробуйте найти настройки для того, чтобы “Mass Storage USB”. Опции, возможно, в:

    Приложения> Настройки> Приложения> Настройки USB> Накопитель.
    Настройки -> Хранение -> Кнопка меню -> Настройки USB.
    Настройки -> Беспроводные сети -> USB Утилиты -> “соединение хранения на ПК”

    в настройках у меня только написано 4 варианта usb: 1. только зарядка 2. синхронизация носителя (МТР) 3. общий usb-модем 4. программное обеспечение lg

    как и что мне делать?

  4. I have HTC Explorer A310e model. There is no setting on the device to enable USB Storage. Kindly help.

  5. can we recover from Nexux 5 . I happened to format and now lost all the photographs. please help. thank you.

  6. ugo zanchi

    Doesn’t work with me too. The USB debugging activation did work ok,but to
    Connect Android Device to PC with USB Cable didn’t work well.

  7. this is useless i tried to get recovery thousands of times but it shows the version is expired .what is this ?

  8. Здраствуйте!
    Я подключил мой самсунг галакси с3 но прога дает сообшение не андроид устройство подключите юсб окладчик и.т.п
    но у меня подключен через юсб кабель. чтобы видел это прога что мне делать помогите плиз

  9. Naufal.P.S


    i hav samsung galaxy grand duos i9082 with android 4.1..usb debugging ok..still i cant find the option to select usb mass storage..please help

  10. I have a samsung galaxy grand quattro GT-I8552. However, These 3 options are not present in my phone
    “Applications > Settings > Applications > USB Settings > Mass storage.
    Settings -> Storage -> Menu Button -> USB Settings.
    Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> USB Utilities -> “Connect Storage to PC”
    ,i’m unable to find USB Mass storage in my phone
    The USB debugging activation did work ok.
    so could you please help me to find the USB Mass storage in my phone
    i’m waiting for your reply

  11. Tive o mesmo problemas que algumas pessoas acima, não consigo achar esse “armazenamento em massa” no meu android, 4.1.2, o modelo do meu celular é o motorola razr d1

  12. Помогите пожалуйста.Сделала как написано в инструкции ,включить отладку USB подсоеденила к компьютеру ,но мне выдает что ” не Android устройство обнаружено.Включите отладку USB и подключите Android устройство с помощью кабеляUSB” Что не так ? прошу ответить.

  13. Por favor, meu celular é um Note 3 recém adquirido e, por isso, deletei inadvertidamente um álbum inteiro.
    Apesar de ser bem diferente nessas configurações do que outros android (S2, por exemplo), consegui achar o modo de depuração, etc. Mas não consegui achar o “armazenamento em massa USB” (no Note 3 tem habilitado só “MTP Storage” .

    Mas nos 3 locais citados NÃO ENCONTREI O “ARMAZENAMENTO EM MASSA USB” ( Aplicações> Configurações> Aplicativos> Configurações USB> armazenamento em massa. OU Configurações -> Armazenamento -> Botão Menu -> Configurações USB. OU
    Configurações -> Sem fio e redes -> Utilitários USB -> “Ligação de armazenamento para PC”)
    Pode me ajudar ?

  14. Please, my smartphone is a newly acquired Galaxy Note 3 and i inadvertently deleted a whole album of photos.
    I found the debug mode, etc., but could not find the “USB Mass Storage them” (the Galaxy Note 3 has enabled the “MTP Storage”).
    I couldn’t find the “USB MASS STORAGE” in the above locations (Applications> Settings> Applications> USB Settings> Mass Storage
    OR Settings -> Storage -> Menu button -.> USB Settings
      Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> USB Utilities -> “Connect storage to PC”).
      Can you help me?

  15. Tried to recover my Casio Commando CA201L and it recognizes it ok, but fails to do anything. Will try other softwares.

  16. O meu não funcionou . Eu Android 4.4 e não está reconhecendo mesmo eu ativando o modo de depuração

  17. O meu não funcionou . Eu Android 4.4 e não está reconhecendo mesmo eu ativando o modo de depuração. O que eu faço 🙁

  18. As was pointed out by many people, this simply doesn’t work. The vast majority of 4.X phones do not have ANY of these options and you are FORCED into MTP. Period. Quit spreading lies, confusing people and generally being part of the misinformation problem on the internet, jerk off

  19. I have an unrooted s3 running on android 4.3 , the debugging worked perfectly but I cant find the usb mass storage option . a lot of users have that problem please help .

  20. jenifer souza

    tenho o s4 e nao estou conseguindo configurar o usb so aparece as opçoes comuns.. como faço para conseguir ativar?

  21. i test it on XPERIA U with android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)
    it doesn’t work
    the setting of usb is in storage ->usb setting
    but it disable and it just have one option and its mount usb
    mmmmm what should i do
    i ‘m realllllyyyy in need of that

  22. Will your program work on my LG Optimus F6? I’m unable to find the USB mass storage option anywhere in my phone.

  23. thankssss
    i found usb setting in my phone by following this path
    Settings -> Storage -> Menu Button -> USB Settings.

  24. May be software is simple and good.I am not able to use it.
    Not able to connect to USB storage at all, from my phone

  25. hello
    my phone model is:
    samsung galaxy gt-i9500
    the software is not working with this model
    please help me

  26. Varinder Kaundal

    I have Samsung E500H model. but I can’t connect to the PC .. send me setting abt this.

  27. Hi all,

    If the methods doesnot work you can try some apps on the play store titled ‘Mas storage enabler’ .There are many.

    Some of the app require rooting your device.You can search google on how to root your device.

    But consider that rooting your device may make it void for warranty by the manufacturer.

    I hope this helps.


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