How to Use 7-Data Android Recovery to Recover Files from Android Device

The whole recovery is designed as a step-by-step process. The only things that will take a little time are “enable USB debugging” and “turn on USB storage“. Both has been explained in details on this page, and this page.

Step 1. Connect the Android device with a USB cable

Connect Android deviceThe first thing before recovery is that you need to connect your Android device to the PC which the 7-Data Android Recovery is installed on. Please follow the instructions to enable USB debugging and turn on USB Storage to complete the connection.

Step 2. Start scanning for recoverable files.

Scan Memory CardPlease select the memory (device memory or the external SD card) you want to restore files from and click “Next” button to start a scan for recoverable files. Before scan you can configure which types of files you want to recover during the scan by clicking “Advanced Settings” button.

Step 3. Preview recovered files.

Preview Recovered FilesAfter scan is complete, you can browse and preview the files listed in the original tree structure of the internal memory/external card. You can click the “Thumbnails” to view the photo in thumbnails instead of list. If you want to search for a specific file, you can use the “Search” button.

Step 4. Save recovered files.

Save Recovered FilesAfter you decide which files you want to recover, please select them all and click the “Save” button. Choose the path you want to save these files to and it’s done. Now you can see the recovered files in the destination folder. Simply move the files to the Android device and you can use them again.

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