Recover Photos, Videos, and Files from Your Android Phone/Tablet and SD Card in It

Specially designed for Android system used by mobile phones and tablets/pads and SD card in Android devices, 7-Data Android Recovery effectively recovers photos, pictures, video, audio, documents, emails and other files from various Android devices on your Windows PC.

  • Recover photos, pictures, videos, audios, and music files
  • Recover other files like Word document, email, archives
  • Do-it-Yourself Android recovery without privacy risks

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Recover Files from Android Devices in Four Simple Steps

Connect Android Device to PC
Scan Android Device
Preview Recovered Files from Android device
Save Recovered Files from Android device

Recover Photos and Pictures from Android

Photo intentionally deleted or lost due to formatting the SD card can be easily recovered with 7-Data Android Recovery. It helps recover you pictures in various formats including: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD etc.

Recover Video and Audio File from Android

Videos of your precious memories or music/songs collected for a long time can be a huge loss. 7-Data Android Recovery supports recovering video and audio files in formats including: MP3, MP4, AVI, MPEG, 3GP, WAV, WMA, etc.

Recover More than Photos and Videos

Besides multimedia files like photos and videos, 7-Data Android Recovery is capable of recovering all other files in various formats including Word documents, archives, emails, database, apps, etc.

Recover from External SD Card in Android

Normally there will be two memories for an Android device. One is the internal memory of Android device; the other is an external SD card. 7-Data Android Recovery supports recovering files from the both memories.

DIY Android Recovery without Privacy Risk

7-Data Recovery is designed as a Do-It-Yourself and Step-by-Step software so that you can recover your personal data like intimate photos, emails, personal financials on your own, no risk of giving your privacy away.

Support a Wide Range of Android Devices

Designed compatitable with different versions of Android OS, 7-Data Android Recovery supports recovering data from Android phones/tablets from a wide range of Android device manufacturers like: Google, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and others.

>> Free DownloadTutorial

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