7-Data Recovery Suite FAQs

Q: What’s the Edition difference?
A: Please go to the comparison table for edition difference

Q: I cannot open the recovered files with software program applicable to the type of the file recovered. Why?
A: Your files were overwritten by other data. In this case there is no way to retrieve the data.

Q: Can I install the program on a USB drive?
A: Yes, you can install it on a usb drive from a PC but the program will only work on the PC where you install it on a usb drive.

Q: System not bootable or bad MBR, how can i restore files?
A: Connect your bad disk to another PC as external device and run 7-Data Recovery Suite to restore files.

Q: Which partition shall I select to show lost files after scanning device finished?
A: After selecting a partition to recover, you may see a scanning device window and then it will list found partition which contains your lost files. there is more than one found partition. We recommend you select the first one (which has been auto selected) and then show files. If the files you are looking for are not there, you may press “< Back" button and then select another partition to see any luck.[/emptybox] [emptybox]Q: Can I restore lost files when formatted partition, system reinstall, formatted partition twice?
A: 7-Data Recovery Suite is able to restore files that have not been overwritten. There is still chance for you if your format partition twice or system reloaded. Please try the free edition first and see if it finds your lost file.

Q: Why 7-Data Recovery Suite cannot detect my disk or external device?
A: If some external device or hard disk does not show up in the device/volume list, we recommend you to check the disk wire connection at first. If your ipod, blackberry, pen stick, memory card and other external device are showing here, please use a card reader to connect it to the PC and let 7-Data Recovery Suite search lost files.

Q: “Search File” and “Find File”, what’s the difference?
A: In 7-Data Recovery Suite, “Search File” performs a search withe search parameters you defined in the “Advanced Settings in all recoverable files after scan, while “Find File” only performs a search in the file list based on your selection.