User’s Story – Chuck Tadlock

chuckThe photograph above is my granddaughter. I thought we lost this photo of her along with all of the other photographs we have of her and the rest of the family when the disk drive I stored them on crashed. I was able to recover the drive but all of the folders and files did not show up after the recovery. I used 7-Data Recover Suite and was able to recover all of our lost photographs!

“We can’t thank you enough for this great software and its magical ability to recover our family history of photographs. Now we all sleep soundly like the angel above knowing we have the photographs to share with them when they grow up and with generations to come.”

From our hearts – Thank You!,

p.s. The picture above is sure to generate smiles on all who see it. I hope it gives you a smile knowing that you saved this angels pictures for future generations.


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  1. Emmersaur

    Really nice story well the software did more magic for me because i work at a Cybercafe and lots of client come with issues of lost or mistakenly deleted files on their device storage….. Thanks to 7data always on the rescue and i bring a brighter smile to my client faces…….


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