User’s Story – Vijayababu, Connecticut, United States.

VijayababuI have a wonderful experience with this amazing recovery suite. please find below my story,

My memory stick became corrupted and it has most valuable pictures took on my marriage day.

I’m an IT professional and i have multiple Data recovery tools. I tried all the software’s which i have, to recover those pictures from that memory stick but i could not recover them. i really felt very bad of mine being an IT professional. Then i find this 7-Data Recovery tool from Softonic website and downloaded it for free,

“Thank god, at last i found a solution to recover my pictures using this software. I quickly recovered my pictures using the Digital media recovery option.”

I informed my friends about this free software’s and i heard them back like this is amazing software and recover anything and everything which we lost in any digital media.

I did purchased the 1 year subscription of this software at very low cost and recommending to all my friends and relatives to buy this software.



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