User’s Story – Ankur Chaudhary, US

ankur-400x536I am a software professional myself for past many years and have gone through a lot of different software products and evaluated most of them. I find 7-Data Recovery among some of the best in its domain.

So how come I got to use this?

Well, I have a work laptop assigned to me from my company. I used it for presentations, keeping documents and lots of other important stuff. So, you can assume it had a lot of important and business critical stuff in that.

One day, when I was working from home, I left my laptop open and went out to grab a quick lunch, but the disaster was to come. When, I got back home, I found out that my little niece playing with my business laptop and after that when I just checked it, I found out that she accidentally erased whole of the F Drive that had around 150 GB of critical office data. I literally fainted 🙁

After that, I started looking for some way to restore that drive or else I could lose my job. I googled out a lot of similar software stuff, but none of them could possibly restore 150 GB of data. The one’s, those were capable of doing that, were priced way too high. Then, I came across 7-Data Recovery suite, which was low priced and very effective tool. I purchased it immediately and tried it out.

“To my surprise, it recovered almost all of my lost data back and saved my day. I am very thankful to your whole team for this wonderful product. Also, to mention UI is very simple and the software is very intuitive itself.

Keep up the good work guys.”

-Ankur Chaudhary, US


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