How to Recover Files from Damaged or Formatted Drive/Partition

Here is a video tutorial on how to use 7-Data Recovery Suite’s “Complete Recovery” Module to recover files from existing partitions/drives under any conditions like: damaged or formatted drive, partition, drive displayed as RAW, or Windows asks “Do you want to format this drive?”

It is the module can be used for most data recovery cases.

Please leave a message if you have any questions.



  1. Thank you for such a wonderful tool. I got it through my subscription to Glary Utilities and/or Shareware On Sale. I still need training for the recovery of files, but I am pleased with what I have seen up to now.
    We cannot use the tutorial. I live in The People’s Republic of China whose censors block access to YouTube and other websites for whatever reasons. Please inform whether there is another link besides You Tube to download your tutorials.
    Thank you for this product. I was always wondering whether such program existed.

  2. bana malesef yardimci olamadi video cünkü cok hizli ve nereye tiklanmasi gerektigi ingilizce yaziyo anlamadim
    yarim kaldi isim 🙁

  3. I find this is a good package but i still faill to recover my files. It look like a very good package to use. Only if i get olnly help or chat from one of technical supporter it will more helpful

  4. i accidentally remove my flash drive wen has sharing. then i connect that with my lap its asking wethr d drive frmt r not. i used to format it.. all datas are gone.. all my favorite mp3 collection.. pls help me to how to get those things back ;( ;(

  5. Harika Chowdary

    Sir please help me..i lost my project folder from my desktop .is it possible to get dat with in 5 min….If u really knw plz help me.i downloaded the data recovery software from dat wr to go i dnt knw..

  6. Frank Daskow

    ich konnte die Dateien wiederherstellen, doch 7datarecovery zeigt mir keine Vorschau an und ich kann die Dateien nicht mit den dazu gehörenden Programmen öffnen. Was soll ich tun?

  7. What is the process to stop full scan in mid ? When we stop the scan in middle should this software recover file from the scanned part?

  8. Катина

    почему не видит телефон samsung galaxy s4? в чем проблема и как устранить?

  9. Hi,

    We tried to recover lots of data. Which in general worked fine. But it doesn’t seem to be able to recovers excel files, png and pdf.. At least.. Not all.. Is this possible or are we doing something wrong.

    Please let me know,


    Jan Willem

  10. Shah Fazal

    My all Documents file has lost there I seen a empty folder please help me.

  11. Hi, I have installed this software. After pressing the full recovery, the software scanned whole drive and came up with list of files. It was really exiting to see all the lost file. But after saving in the local system when I tried to open the files, it was totally corrupted. I was not been able to open single file. Please suggest what needs to be done in this regard.


  12. Darshini Narrain

    I have lost all my files from my flash drive after coming back from the cafe. Even though the space is marked as used, the flash drive is empty. I really need your help to recover my files. Thank you.

  13. I echo the remarks of Pedro above. I too live in the PRC so cannot access Youtube. Could a written tutorial be provided also?
    Appears to be a very useful program.

  14. Haresh Prajapati

    My all important data of word excel powerpnt adobe jpg files are now corrupted . Now on opening any file i am getting junk cahracters displayed. How to recovery and get back my original data files.

  15. I lost all documents I had on my external drive because it gave the message that I have to format it. Now I don’t know how I could recover those documents .

  16. I try to recover a 500 G disk but if I dont cancel the recover after a while i have always the same message out of memory and i lost everything ; this product seems to be limited

  17. Software doesn’t recognize USB Flash Drive. In computer managment it says that USB Stick is in RAW file system and in need of format. I tryed refresh butt nothing happend. Some advice? Thanks

  18. I bought new PC but i have same old Hard Drive
    I tried almost every single ” Data Recover ” Software
    but still can’t get my old files

    I used this software on my OLD PC it worked all the times whenever i reinstall my window
    but this time my pc is NEW but i have same OLD drive it can’t find my data 🙁 Please help


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