User’s Review – Anthony, Dallas, TX, United States

AnthonyAll of us secretly fear that our computer isn’t saving information or data properly. With today’s advancement in technologies, we are all susceptible to losing data on our hard drives.

7 Data Recovery is the best hard drive recovery software I’ve seen in the industry. This program easily excels over the rest of the competition. The software provides the knowledge, timeliness and personalized attention that catastrophic data loss often requires. Not only is it easy to use and really accessible, its verifiable credentials make certain you are getting the highest level of confidentiality and superior service.

With this program, the interface is so easy to use. The simple flow of the program eased some the anxiety that comes with potential data loss. Still not convinced? The best part is that it was a free download so I could try it out first without having to pay any costs. By just downloading the free edition, I was able to have 1GB of files to recover.

“We all know there isn’t a drive recovery software that’s 100% effective but 7 Data Recovery comes pretty close. Regardless of what type of data loss you’ve experienced, 7 Data Recovery’s combination of effective recovery and customer service make it the perfect solution to potential data loss.” – Anthony, Dallas, TX, United States


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