User’s Story – George Papas, New Jersey, USA

George PapasA friend of mine recently used my laptop and accidentally deleted a large portion of my personal data on my local HD. I was really devastated after trying to salvage them, but realized that I couldn’t. I thought that they were permanently deleted since I couldn’t find them in the trash bin. I searched online for a solution and came across the 7-Data Recovery Suite.

The screenshots and key-features of the program really impressed me, so I gave it a try. The free version convinced me to buy it, since it flawlessly recovered a portion (1gb limit on free version) of my deleted files. After purchasing it I was able to salvage the rest of my data. The price is affordable, and the extent of the tools within the suite and their usability, exceeded my expectations.

It’s intuitive functionality and responsiveness were spot on. There’s an explorer-like interface that allows you easily choose the lost data that you want to recover. I was surprised how quickly it found everything.

“I work in the IT industry and this powerful piece of software is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I will definitely start using this software at work and recommend it to friends and colleagues who might have experienced a similar problem, or use it for preventative occurrence in case it might happen to them in the future.” –George Papas, New Jersey, USA


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  1. Good Day,

    Well i like the 7data recovery software but have’nt tested it yet.
    Am into information technology too am a student of river state polytechnic, studying computer science and would realy appreciate if u can help me with more usefull software like this one or usefull information on how to expand my knowladge on I C T. thank u very much.


    Andy S. Reuben.


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