User’s Story – Jasmine Reeves, Belleville, IL, USA

Jasmine ReevesWhat a life-saver! I am a photographer/artist who has a ton of photos stored on my computer. I backup every couple months but……then my computer froze and when it rebooted it didn’t have my latest stuff? What the heck?

I discovered 7 Data Recovery from a google search and it was the only one that said FREE download edition. The idea of rescuing my files for free was REALLY appealing. It was hard to believe I would be able to do this with them myself. I’ve only had expensive computer ‘repairs’ in the past. I saw that they even recover files from lost mobile phones. I didn’t know such a service existed : ) VERY COOOOL.

“It was so easy to use, I decided on the year purchase price of $29.95 so I could recover UNLIMITED data for a year if necessary. It’s about the price of dinner for two in my small town. I am a happy camper with a big sound of RELIEF. 7 data recovery saved me from a huge bill and from a sleepless night! Awesome.” – Jasmine Reeves, Belleville, IL, USA


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