User’s Story – May Renolds, New York

May RenoldsWhen my brand new computer started having problems, I knew my data was at risk. I was soon unable to access a bunch of folders. I had already gone through a hassle to transfer my important business files, personal records, and favorite photos when my old computer died. I was having panic attacks, thinking I wouldn’t be able to recover my irreplaceable files this time. It was such a struggle before, and I didn’t want to go through it.

That was when a coworker told me about 7-Data Recovery. It sounded too good to be true, but I decided to go for it because I was desperate for my files. I saw that the module seemed easy to use on the website, and that FAQs and online support were available if I needed help. The site answered all my questions, and I felt confident that it was risk-free. There was even a free trial I could use to be sure before I bought anything.

I started up the software and I was not disappointed. The software guided me every step of the way and was very easy- much easier than the process I used previously. I was able to recover every file from my hard drive with little difficulty. Before I knew it, the recovery was finished and my files were safe and sound again! I couldn’t believe this simple software performed better than the IT professionals I consulted in the past.

I have wasted so much time searching and searching for good recovery tools before I was told about this. Everything else I looked at didn’t seem to come close. Hopefully this account of my good experience will save others time, hassle, and headaches as well.

“This software hardly cost me anything, and has given me back my priceless information- thank you 7-Data Recovery! I will be continuing to use this software to back up my files and prevent this kind of disaster from happening again.” – May Renolds, Melville, New York


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